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F.U.N. Curriculum Sale

Seminars and Workshops

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The following seminars are being offered: 

"The Benefits of Essential Oils" - 9:30am

Learn how Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils can benefit you and your family everyday.
We will be sharing information on the different ways to use essential oils including health information, recipes, DIY, and cleaning tips.

Join our workshop for a chance to win a give away.

"CLEP for High School" - 10:30am
We will be having an informal Q & A seminar on the topic of earning college credits for high school.  The seminar is free but does require pre-registration using the automated form below.   
Topics will include: 
How does credit by examination work? 
How Clep exams can save you time and money
How CLEP is similar to the unit study approach
How to use our free CLEP lesson plans
CLEP and independent study skills - perfect college prep
Transcripts and diplomas
Clep and degree planning
Credit banking and transcripting your clep credits

Maverick Art Studio - 10am
"Music For A Lifetime"

Description: Suzuki Music educator, Leslie Beers, presents a lecture and demonstration about the gift of music for young children. New to South Jersey, Ms. Beers comes with 35 years of experience from the Penn State area.


The method’s philosophy now being taught in over 40 nations

Musical talent is developed in a nurturing environment involving teacher and parent

Originally called the "Mother Tongue Method", Suzuki lessons imitate language acquisition

Deadline March 25th

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