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F.U.N. Curriculum Sale

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This curriculum sale is a service to fellow homeschoolers.  Sellers are limited to homeschoolers ONLY but ANYONE is welcome to  come and purchase!  Tell your teacher friends!! 
This will not be a "yard sale" but rather an "educational items" sale.  The items which can be sold must be education-related (i.e. curriculum/books/video and audio tapes/cd's/dvd's/games/legos/kinex, etc). Any items conducive to homeschooling are welcome, besides pets.  ;) NO food items.  Items made by homeschooled children can also be sold - i.e. potholders, scarves, refrigerator magnets, etc. but again, NO food  - thank you.
The recreation facility is a full size gymnasium that is VERY spacious and can accommodate LOTS of sellers.  This is a nice way to sell books/curriculum you are finished with and purchase needed items at the same time! 
Last year we had 50 tables/spaces reserved with 45 sellers participating.  There were many wonderful books and materials available for sale at fantastic prices.  We are looking forward to more of the same this year!